Greetings!  Here's what's happening in April:

Well...you know. It has turned into a virtual world, and Duffy has some virtual events coming up.

Duffy and Chris will be doing a Facebook Live from Home concert every Friday at 7pm Eastern Daylight Time. It's a great way to for you (and us!) to take a break from the news and have some fun. 

Many, many musicians from all around the world are doing virtual concerts. It is a wonderful way to get to know new artists, and to see some of your favorites in a different light. It's also a great way to send those musicians some love. Through 'Likes' and hearts, or, if you're able, with a donation. Support Virtual Live Music!

All gigs are cancelled for April, we'll see how May shapes up.

Keep Calm and Rock On.

On Monday March 23rd, Duffy was one of four guests on Vinny Marini's radio show, "Music On The Couch" at 9:45 EDT. To listen go to http://tobtr.com/11696623


Duffy's new album "I'm Gonna Do What I Want" is going to be officially released in May. Please watch this page for news, and check out the title track below!