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Duffy Bishop: Blog

My Florida History

Posted on February 20, 2015 with 3 comments

We're here in Florida, where I grew up. My family moved here in 1968. I was in the 5th grade and that was where I met my classmate Richard Wright. Here's the way I remember it: I had asked my father for a guitar. It was a Kay acoustic with a bowed neck and the strings (Black Diamonds, of course) we a full 1/2 inch off the fretboard past the 4th fret. I loved it. I had a guitar, and whether I could play it or not, I figured it was time to start a band. So I said to my friend Richard, "get a bass, we'll play Rock n' Roll". He did. I believe it was a cherry Gibson 335 bass. Pretty damn cool. Along with a Sunn amp. By this time I had a Guild S-100 and a Baldwin Keyboard amp (it was about 5 feet tall, had multi-color push-in switches on the top and about 15 speakers ranging from 2" to 15"). And we did indeed commence to playing Rock n'Roll.

We played together through our High School years, had a comedy duo called the Peyote Bros. in college, and were on the road together (in our buddy Tom LeGrand's band) for two years in the early 80's. Richard continued playing, and he's a music teacher in an arts middle school in Jacksonville. I've been living in the Northwest for almost 40 years. Duffy and I moved to St. Augustine a few months ago, and we hooked up with Richard.

We're playing together again in the Duffy Bishop Trio.

Richard might remember all this differently, but he can tell you his version himself.

Chris Carlson


February 21, 2015

And what a wonderful trio you are! I can't remember if I ever saw you play with your band when we were in Highschool but we all knew you'd be a rock n roll star. Then we all met Duffy at our school reunion one year..was it the 20?..and I've loved watching you two perform in Portland and San Fran and enjoyed the company as well. NOW St Augustine! Makes for a fun road trip from Jacksonville and lights up my days after helping my 83 year old parents to listen to you 3 play. Welcome home!! And loving the blog idea ..always so cutting edge😎🎵

Rob Mitchell

February 20, 2015

Go for it! Never give up the dream.

David Kahl

February 20, 2015

I remember Baldwin amps, too, Mr. Fancypants!